Broward Co. Public Works & Aviation JOC

Location: Broward County, FL
Size: Varies
Services: General Contractor
Owner: Broward County
Architect: Various

Thornton Construction has two Job Order Contracts (JOC) with Broward County; one with the aviation department and the other with the public works department. The nature of Thornton’s work involves a variety of civic improvements and many upgrades at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Examples of projects for the public works department include the creation of a new, high security parking lot measuring about 50,000 SF and improvements at the wastewater treatment plants to support Broward County’s “green” and energy efficient goals.

With over 23 million annual passengers, it takes a qualified contractor to do work at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. Security is a major concern and therefore all of our employees and subcontractors must pass and adhere to strict security standards. Also, scheduling and logistics takes special consideration since thousands of people walk about the airport each day. Thornton’s work is proven and trusted by Broward County’s Aviation Department. In fact, we were entrusted to renovate the building and office of the Aviation Department’s Director in an accelerated time frame. Other projects include the build-out of Delta Airlines’ storage area into new offices for the aviation department’s operations management staff; the relocation of several gate podiums and new terrazzo installation; and the demolition of an 82,000 SF sky chef kitchen building and site.

Of particular mention is the Terminal 3 Terrazzo project which received the Harry H. Mellon National JOC Award in 2014. This project encompassed extensive decorative terrazzo flooring and other terminal upgrades.