MDC CM-at-Risk Capital Improvements

Location: Miami-Dade County, FL
Size: Varies
Services: Construction Management
Owner: Miami-Dade College
Architect: Various

Thornton began its long and established relationship with Miami-Dade College after a stringent prequalification in 2004. Since that time, our contract has been renewed several times due to our satisfactory work at the college. Our work under this contract varies widely in scope, encompassing many types of remodels and infrastructure/utilities upgrades across all nine campuses.

Examples of projects include:

  • College-Wide Restroom Renovations: ADA compliance, improved sanitation, and cost-savings upgrades to 75 bathrooms on all campuses. Incorporated new energy and water conservation technologies to electrical and plumbing systems (over 200 new fixtures installed). Replaced toilet partitions, counters, accessories such as mirrors and HVAC features. Installed automatic doors and 14,485 SF of surface tile.
  • Parking Garage: Conversion of a 60,000 SF warehouse. Provided vehicle ingress/egress and certain life safety requirements.
  • Sewer Line Inspection & Repairs: Inspected various sewer lines and repaired leaks at the Kendall and North campus.
  • Parking Lot Improvements: Created additional parking area with all related infrastructure at the Homestead Campus.
  • College-Wide Signage: Furnished and installed new signage on seven campuses, including electrical prep and patchwork.