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Business Leader

The Business Leader must be able to lead, manage and coordinate all phases of multiple projects and/or assigned sectors from beginning to end including: preconstruction, budget, costs, schedule, risk management, insurance, general work performance and quality, closeout and leading and developing a team who have the skills to execute on their defined roles.

Overall Focus

  1. Build diverse, high performing teams through coaching, training and development opportunities.
  2. Support business development activities by maintaining long lasting relationships with clients, the design community, engineers and other organizations which enhance future business development opportunities.
  3. Oversee the preconstruction phase and ensure the project teams execute the work safely and profitably.
  4. Participate extensively in helping to acquire and define projects and develop budgets that will achieve profitability objectives taking into account project-specific challenges.
  5. Set appropriate milestones and assign staff qualified to handle the scope and complexity of the project.
  6. Provide oversight in managing all necessary resources throughout the entire project from start-up through closeout and ensure that the Owner’s expectations, and Thornton’s budgetary and profitability objectives are exceeded.

Business Development

  1. Work with Estimating and Business Development to secure work.
  2. Support the Business Development team by participating or taking a leadership role in the interview stage of securing work.

Pre-Job Planning

  1. Ensure that the day-to-day operations of projects are transitioned effectively to Project Managers and Superintendents from Preconstruction when work commences in the field.
  2. Assign appropriate Project Management Staff.
  3. Review and approve the pre-mobilization activities.
  4. Ensure Turnover meeting occurs between Preconstruction and Operation teams.

Project Management

  1. Monitor and evaluate Project Manager and Superintendent staff assignments.
  2. Accurately forecast project performance.
  3. Visit sites regularly to monitor project performance, schedule, and expenditures with project staff, highlight potential challenges and provide leadership in responding creatively to bring projects in on schedule and under budget, where feasible.

Financial Management

  1. Ensure that the Project Team produce thorough Cost to Complete forecasts and that they are submitted on time.
  2. Ensure that the Project Team track costs of field directives and backcharges for forecasting purposes.
  3. Create detailed analysis of potential exposures, and account for them in the contingency forecast.
  4. Require the Project Team to have the completed pay requisitions approved by the Owner on a timely basis.
  5. Establish a regimented process for the collection of payments no later than 30 days and subsequent efficient system for the payment to Subcontractors.
  6. Consistently manage the cash flow of the projects to maintain a fiscally responsible position for the Company.

Project Closeout

  1. Establish an effective Closeout Plan early in the project, including the early collection, review and packaging of Contract closeout documents.
  2. Ensure that Thornton Project Team members comply with closeout requirement on a timely basis.

Meeting Management

  1. Establish a meeting regimen for the Project Team which provides for effective communication and problem solving.
  2. Follow the Project Management manual for focused meetings such as PM/PE, OAC’s, subcontractor meetings, coordination meetings, preconstruction sessions, etc.
  3. Effectively manage all meetings by providing agendas and sticking to scheduled time limits.

Risk Management

  1. Develop strategies to monitor risk management and protect company assets.
  2. Take immediate action when a non-performing Subcontractor is likely to cause negative impact to the Project.
  3. Ensure the safe execution of the jobs to achieve zero accidents.
  4. Develop a risk management regimen and train Project Team members on minimizing risks.

Owner Relationship

  1. Work to establish a trusting and professional relationship with the Owner.
  2. Focus on keeping the Owner well informed of important matters to prevent surprises.
  3. Work to secure a strong letter of recommendation from the Owner for Thornton.


  1. Recruit qualified talent; mentor, coach and train them to perform and ensure effective matching of talent to project scope.
  2. Strive to create synergy and a teamwork atmosphere on the project.
  3. Build diverse, high performing teams through coaching, training and development.
  4. Lead by example by establishing the work ethic guidelines for the entire team and therefore establishes the boundaries and expectations.
  5. Organize periodic team events and training sessions to advance the Thornton strategy of “Train & Develop Our People”.
  6. Take action immediately when personnel conflicts emerge among the team.
  7. Create positive development opportunities, mentoring staff and assisting direct reports in the advancement of their careers.
  8. Promote career and educational development of team personnel.
  9. Require the adherence of standard operation procedures and actively teach each process.


  1. Bachelor’s degree in Construction, Engineering or applicable discipline plus a minimum of 10 years of related experience or an equivalent combination of education training and/or experience.
  2. Onsite project management experience.
  3. Budgeting and forecasting experience in a job cost environment.
  4. Proficiency with computer applications, including scheduling and construction software and Microsoft Office suite.
  5. Proven written and verbal communication abilities.
  6. Ability to read, understand and interpret contract documents, drawings, specifications, scopes of work and project schedule.

Necessary Attributes

  1. Proven leadership skills, with a strong focus on mentoring and motivating.
  2. Demonstrated ability to manage key relationships, including clients, business partners, government agencies, and subcontractors.
  3. Able to identify key issues; creatively and strategically overcome internal and external challenges or obstacles.
  4. A clear and solid understanding of the issues faced by the organization, including, but not limited to market conditions, project challenges, financial, client and or subcontractor issues.
  5. Sound understanding of risk management.
  6. Knowledge of Human Resources policies, practices, and procedures.
  7. Effective attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy.
  8. High level of integrity, confidentially, and accountability.
  9. Sound analytical thinking, planning, prioritization, and execution skills.
  10. A well-defined sense of diplomacy, including solid negotiation, conflict resolution, and people management skills.
  11. Outstanding listening and communication skills are essential.
  12. Candidate must possess Thornton’s Core Values: Results Driven, Proactive, Safety Conscious, People Focused, Customer Oriented, and Team Oriented.
  13. Excellent business judgment demonstrated by consistently achieving profitability objectives and strong project closeouts.
  14. Demonstrated ability to manage key relationships, including clients, subcontractors, business partners, and government agencies.
  15. Excellent organizational skills and attention to detail evidenced by a strong command of all applicable contract and legal provisions.
  16. Ability to consistently analyze and execute financial trade-offs which frequently involve dealing with ambiguity and incomplete data.
  17. Ability to constantly multi-task and handle the issues faced by the organization, including, but not limited to, market conditions, project challenges, financial, client, and subcontractor issues.
  18. Proven leadership skills, with a strong focus on mentoring and motivating.
  19. Excellent listening and communication skills.
  20. Sound understanding of risk management.
  21. High level of integrity, confidentiality and accountability.
  22. Sound analytical, planning, prioritization, and execution skills.
  23. Effective attention to detail and a high degree of accuracy.
  24. Possess judgment to know when to appropriately escalate issues up the chain of command.
  25. Solid negotiation, conflict resolution and people management skills.
  26. A strong sense of urgency and initiative. Able to quickly study and react to complex issues.
  27. Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to confidently and decisively take action.
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