Values and Mission

Mission Statement
We are committed to grow as successful leaders in construction services by creating long-term relationships, through superior performance and efficiency, with our team, trade partners and customers.

Core Values:

Results Driven
The final product of any project is our main goal.  Thornton Construction strives to complete each project on time and within budget while maintaining utmost quality.  Our company focuses on milestones, completion dates, outcomes and achievements.

Team Oriented
For Thornton Construction to succeed, cooperation, communication and coordination is essential not only within the firm but also between our clients’ representatives, architects, engineers and subcontractors.  Thornton is happy to shepherd team members, and we attribute our success to the support they have for one another.

Construction is a fast-paced industry with minimal room for error on tight schedules.  Proactive thinking is key to any project’s success.  Thornton’s thorough drawing review and planning helps to detect issues in advance and avoid delays on the construction site.

Customer Oriented
Thornton Construction thrives because of repeat clients who depend on our ability to accommodate their immediate scheduling needs.  Whether in an occupied space or at a new-construction site, we focus on achieving the goals of our clients.

Safety Conscious
As a safety award-winning firm, Thornton Construction does not take safety lightly.  On a daily basis, we practice onsite prevention.  We also have particular disaster preparedness plans in place and maintain emergency plans at all jobsites.

People Focused
We don’t just build structures, we build relationships.  Thornton Construction is dedicated to establishing lasting relationships with all parties involved on a project.  Relationships foster bonds and deeper understanding of each team member’s needs and style of work for future collaborations.