Values and Mission

We are committed to grow as successful leaders in construction services by creating long-term relationships, through superior performance and efficiency, with our team, trade partners and customers.


Results-Driven:     Thornton commits, then delivers quality while staying on time and within budget.  Thornton employees are driven to do what it takes to overcome obstacles when fulfilling commitments.   

Team Oriented:   Thornton’s success is grounded in team effort.  With eyes on a common objective, Thornton employees pull together and form a working family with all parties involved in a project.  Cooperation is key.

Proactive:    Staying on top of a schedule involves constant review and forethought.  Thornton’s staff identifies potential issues ahead of time before they cause delay.  We envision delivery from the perspective of all sides, from owner to vendor.  We don’t rely on back-up plans as a primary strategy.

Customer Oriented:   Clients depend on us to listen to them and accommodate their needs with a “can do” attitude.  We deliver by going the extra mile with owners as well as with suppliers and regulatory officials.  How we deliver our services to create happy customers defines our success.

Safety Conscious:    Construction sites are potentially dangerous, so Thornton considers safety in every budget and scheduling decision.  Our safety awards reflect that accident prevention and promoting safety is paramount as we fulfill our mission to provide quality service.

People Focused:   Lasting relationships with all parties is our intent.  We believe that respecting and supporting each other fosters motivation and leads to delivering quality service.  Since individuals accomplish our goals, our focus is on people.  It’s what leads us to proclaim, “More than structures, we build relationships.”