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Carlos's Role

Carlos Rubio holds a pivotal position at Thornton Construction, overseeing the intricate processes of preconstruction and estimating. His role is characterized by a keen eye for detail, deep strategic insights, and rigorous planning. Under Carlos' guidance, projects are meticulously evaluated and prepared for, ensuring a robust foundation for their subsequent phases. His leadership in this domain guarantees that every undertaking is optimally poised for success from its inception.


With an illustrious career spanning almost three decades in the construction industry, Carlos' expertise is both vast and varied. His portfolio boasts a diverse array of projects, including high-rise residential, multi-family, and commercial ventures. His exceptional skills in administration, planning, and the overall management of the preconstruction phase underscore his significance in the company's operations. Through unwavering commitment to precision and a proactive approach to challenges, Carlos has not only delivered consistent project successes but has also etched his name as a revered figure in the industry.

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