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Cristina's Role

Cristina oversees the fiscal integrity and strategic financial planning for Thornton Construction. As Chief Financial Officer, she manages the company's financial, administrative, IT, and risk management operations, ensuring they align with the company's vision and goals. Her role is paramount in sculpting the financial and operational strategies, devising relevant metrics, and ensuring robust control systems are in place to safeguard company assets and guarantee the accuracy of financial reporting.


With a rich tapestry of over two decades in accounting, Cristina's expertise is deeply rooted in the construction sector. Her meticulous attention to detail and profound knowledge span areas such as budgeting, financial analysis, risk management, and strategic financial planning. Her dedication to ensuring rigorous internal controls, coupled with her prowess in management consulting, positions her as an invaluable asset to the company. Cristina's unyielding commitment to financial precision and strategy has been instrumental in shaping the financial health and sustainability of Thornton Construction.

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