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Dago’s role

Dago Diaz is the driving force behind the seamless operations and strategic grow that Thornton Construction. In his pivotal role as Executive Vice President, Dago oversees an expansive range of company functions. He is instrumental in boosting company revenue, spearheading client acquisition, and fortifying customer relations. His leadership touches upon various critical departments, ensuring optimal performance and a unified vision across the board.


With a solid foundation rooted in a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Miami, Dago brings a unique architectural perspective to the world of construction. He boasts an impressive track record spanning over three decades in the construction sector. As a registered architect and certified general contractor in Florida, his expertise is an invaluable asset to the company. This rich blend of architectural knowledge and hands-on construction experience positions him uniquely, enabling him to view projects through a comprehensive lens and drive the company's vision forward.


At Thornton Construction, we have great employees and individuals that are experienced and professional team players, who are willing to help others be successful and there is a mindset of collaboration and family.

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