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Peeraya's Role

Dr. Peeraya Inyim heads the Virtual Design & Construction Department at Thornton Construction. Our VDC department uses an integrated multidiscplinary approach that offers information-rich performance models for constructability analysis. As the VDC Director, Peeraya creates a project specific building information modeling (BIM) executive plan to ensure a successful VDC/BIM implementation in each project. 


Dr. Inyim is a renowned engineer, professional, and scientist in the construction field, internationally recognized for her contributions to improving the construction and design process. Her invention, the Simulation of Environmental Impact of Construction, has been recognized and cited in numerous publications, demonstrating her innovative and valuable contributions to the field of sustainable construction. Moreover, her extensive experience in managing and overseeing various projects, including sustainable and environmentally conscious projects, showcases her expertise and commitment to advancing the construction and design process. Her work in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) processes, including the use of advanced technologies such as augmented reality and robotic laser scanning, has resulted in more efficient and effective project delivery.

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